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PipeFlow™ | Air Drain Blaster Gun

PipeFlow™ | Air Drain Blaster Gun

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Meet PipeFlow™, your ultimate weapon against stubborn clogs. Farewell to frustrations and welcome a home with smoothly flowing pipes.




PipeFlow™ isn't just a one-trick pony. With four different plugs, it conquers every plumbing challenge. From kitchen sinks to bathroom drains, it laughs in the face of hair, cloth, tea, leaves, grease, and oil dirties – it's the superhero your pipes deserve.



Launching PipeFlow™ is a breeze – pull the handle a few times until the blockage is removed and witness the magic. The four plugs cater to various occasions, ensuring your pipes remain odor-free and clear. PipeFlow™ is your go-to solution for every plumbing woe.




Crafted with care, PipeFlow™ boasts a stainless steel shell and a no-slip ABS T-handle. Durable and rupture-resistant, ready to save the day, every day.


Traditional methods are history. PipeFlow™ operates at max 120 PSI, delivering a forceful blow of air to obliterate blockages instantly. No more wrestling with outdated tools; this is a new era in unclogging


Refund guarantee

You're eligible to get a full refund for PipeFlow not clearing your toilet. Provided that you've used it properly and it didn't unclog your toilet after 5 attempts or more, using an air pression of 4 bar.

Contact us at, for more information or to make a claim. Our agents are subject to ask you for proofs at anytime.

if a refund is accorded, you will be receiving, the full amount via the method of payment that you used to purchase.

PipeFlow™ - Unleash the Power of Clean Pipes!



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